Christmas Stamps

As you all know, I am an avid Postcrosser, and have nearly been doing it for a year now! In (almost) 365 days, I have sent 178 postcards to 30 different countries. It’s definitely one of the best projects I have ever joined, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone – it’s so much fun and I absolutely love receiving such happy post from all over the world. It definitely beats bills!

I went into town yesterday to buy some more local cards, and was disappointed to find how few there are about at the moment. That’s the problem with seasons, I suppose – Winter hits and all of a sudden we lack in postcards! However, I did manage to buy some lovely new Christmassy stamps to put on my cards!

87p international stamps, by the Royal Mail

Our Christmas stamps are so cute this year! And it makes a nice change being able to use a pretty stamp, rather than the generic silhouette of the Queen’s head. I receive such beautiful stamps from all over the world (Finland in particular…you have amazing stamps!) so it’s nice to send something pretty in return. I have written 5 postcards today and am about to go and post them to their destinations – Germany, Russia, Finland, Belarus and Malaysia!

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