The first actual finished crochet post I’ve made in ages! I couldn’t post about these little guys because they were a birthday gift for a friend, and then I went on holiday so didn’t get a chance to share them then, but I’m here now to introduce you all to Ronnie and Alex!

I made these as a last minute present for Sarah, who owns two cats called Ronnie and Alex. Dave and I had already bought her a few gifts while we were away in Yorkshire, but upon returning home, I decided that it’d be the purrrrrrfect opportunity to get myself back into my crochet. So, with a target to finish the kitties within a week, I started! First, I collected a ton of reference pictures – Ronnie is mostly black so there wasn’t much problem there. Alex, however, has tabby grey patches and I needed to make sure I got them in the right place to ensure a proper likeness!

The real Ronnie and Alex

I started out with Ronnie, and quickly regretted crocheting a black cat whilst at work. Light was limited so I made very slow progress, but overall I finished him in about 40hrs from beginning til end. Alex was next, and despite having more fiddly features, he was done in about half the time, which I was really pleased with! The most time consuming part of each cat was actually the assembly, so I can’t really complain! Two kitties in about 60hrs is pretty good going.

I’m really pleased with the finished outcome! I finished both kitties with a contrasting bow (red for Alex and blue for Ronnie), which I purchased from Dots and Spots, along with a little silver jingle bell on the front of each “collar”. I also gave them whiskers, using some fishing line, which I thought was a really cute finishing touch and gave them both lots of character!

I used a pattern by Little Owl’s Hut, which you can find here. I found it really easy to follow, and it’s beautifully constructed! There are definitely loads of ways to customise it to create your own unique finished kittens.

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