Awesome Weekend!

Only a quick post to say that I’ve had the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. It’s been a touch year so far but this weekend has really been a confidence booster, and I’ve loved it.

Yesterday I took my lovely friend Roxy to Charmouth (which is just over an hour away) to go fossil hunting. I’ve wanted to take her for a while, but we have been waiting for a day where the weather was looking good, and also where she had a weekend off. So yesterday was the day – the weather was absolutely glorious and we had almost the whole beach to ourselves!

We managed to find some lovely fossils – lots of Ammonites, as well as this really cool Belemnite above, which is 66-200million years old! It would’ve basically looked like a squid. We also found fool’s gold, a fossilised starfish, seashell, and petrified wood, as well as lots of pretty stones full of quartz. Roxy’s favourite random find was a brick that had been eroded into the shape of an avocado haha!

We followed our fossil hunting with a delicious lunch at Felicity’s Farm Shop in Morcombelake (goats cheese and red onion chutney paninis ), then a drive home along the coast road. Sadly it was a little hazy so the view wasn’t as good as it can be, but we made the best of it.

Today has also been fantastic. We drove over to see Dave’s Mum first thing this morning (it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK) and spent an hour or so there. Came home and pottered about for a bit, before going to meet my brother in Sandbanks. I haven’t posted much info about his walk because I’ve been crazy busy, but essentially he is doing a 200mile walk around the Dorset county border to raise money for MIND. Today was his second day and he walked a whopping 25miles. Dave and I met him for lunch in Sandbanks and spent an hour or so with him before he headed off along the beach.

He’s doing so incredibly well, initially setting himself a target of raising ยฃ1000. He smashed that and raised the target to ยฃ2000, which he passed today. His total is currently at ยฃ2055, which is staggering. I’m so proud of him! If you’d like to donate, please head over to his Just Giving page – even if it’s just a couple of pounds, it all goes towards helping people with mental health problems. You can also find him on Facebook, where we are both posting regular updates for the duration of his walk!

Anyway, that’s over and out from me now. Time to go to bed and get this week out of the way – I have a week off after Friday, so I am counting down the days to some relaxation and me time! …and also some housework and sorting things out around the house, but let’s not dwell on that too much!

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