Amigurumi Dump

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks! I may have been away from here but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been stitching. Infact, I have been super productive! I’ve come to share all my recent makes with you all, because some are completely adorable.

First up, I decided to make some little brooches/pins for the Summer Fun Day. These are quick and super simple, but also look really cute! I made these using the Fruity Brooches pattern by Emma Varnam. You can literally finish one of these in 30mins or so…they’re fab! So far I’ve made 4 of each, and will add some different designs in later.

Next up, my new favourite thing – Horace the Stegosaurus by Irene Strange. I could sit and make these all day every day – I absolutely love them! I can’t decide which colour I prefer (I would say that the green just wins for me, but it’s very close). More eyes on order so that I can make some more of these little cuties. It’s such a quick and effective pattern, and worked up so well in my Drops Paris yarn – nice and chunky cotton, which stiffens up really nicely for amigurumi.

Last, but by no means least, is my little turtle. I finished it about an hour ago, and followed the Sea Turtle Amigurumi pattern by Loops and Love Crochet. I added some beads onto the shell for a little bit of extra interest. It’s been years since I have made anything using an African Flower (probably Ruben’s dinosaur!) so it was nice to have a go at those again. I would like to make a couple more of these if I can, in a few different colours. Again, I used Drops Paris so it’s quite a decent size.

So that’s everything I’ve made in the last couple of weeks! I’m also halfway through my second Jackfield Tile Tote, and always finding new things to make on Pinterest and Ravelry. The queue never seems to get any shorter!

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