Christmas Wrapping

I’m impressed that I haven’t posted about this until now, but I’ve only just had a chance to take some proper pictures of my wrapping this December! It’s really beautiful, and I’m very proud of how it’s turned out. I give you Christmas 2012…

A gift for my wonderful friend, Kelly

As you can see, it’s rather extravagant this year! I was really concerned that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the idea that I had, but all was well and they look exactly as I imagined. So how did I get it all together…?

Decadence, by House of Fraser

My wrapping paper of choice this year was a gold damask design called Decadence, which I bought from House of Fraser. It was pricey but I really liked the design and wanted to use something really opulent and luxurious this year, as opposed to last year’s festive traditional theme. This paper ticked all the boxes so I bought a few rolls to keep me going!

Next up, I needed to think of a colour combination. I didn’t want red and gold, that was definite, and I found some lovely organza and satin ribbon in my local garden centre, which I thought would match nicely, and from that moment the colour theme was gold and purple!

Finishing touches

I don’t like plain ribbons and lovely embellishing my gifts in different ways – last year it was red jingle bells and wooden tags. This year, I wanted to keep up the luxurious feel and purchased some miniature pearl floristry sprays. Each spray has four pearls, threaded onto gold wire, so for larger presents I doubled up the sprays to give me extra pearls!

Single pearl spray

I also purchased some 6mm gold jingle bells, to add on to each spray as a finishing touch. I was so pleased with the outcome of last year’s read jingle bells, that I wanted to try and replicate it to match my theme for 2012!

Threaded bell

I’ll be the first to admit that it was a complete fluke that the bells are almost exactly the same size as the pearls on each spray – an added aesthetic bonus!

Die-cut gift tags, by pommedorcards

I spent ages trying to find tags that would match my paper – everything had motifs and strange patterns on and I bought these die-cuts as a last resort, from eBay. I’m now really glad that I did, because they really add something special to the finished presents! Each tag is glittered and has small punched out floral emblems on the corners, which I wasn’t fond of at first, but now really like!

It was then just a case of tying my ribbon to the desired length and position on each present. I always like having the bow to the left side of the gift; I think it looks nice off centre, like that. Before tying each bow off, I threaded the spray (complete with jingle bell) through the knot, and then finished the bow. Each gift tag is wired into the bow by the tails of the sprays, and then cut to a short length after twisting them into place! I really liked not having to buy gift tag string, as it really bugs me when it’s too long/short! All that was left to do was put all of my gifts under our Christmas tree, which I decorated yesterday!

Many presents, and a golden tree

We are now feeling very festive at home! Our stockings are up (I will take photos when we have holly on the fire place) and of course our advent calendars, lovingly made by my Mum. It all looks lovely and I really can’t wait for the big day now, so everyone can unwrap their presents and see what I’ve bought! However, first we have my Dad’s birthday, which is tomorrow. Then it’s the count down to Christmas Day!

How does your wrapping look? Have you finished your shopping? What colour theme have you gone for this year?

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