Sherbert Blanket

I am probably one of the least organised people around, when it comes to my everyday life – ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you that I’m often late, muddled and kinda chaotic. I like to call it organised chaos but to be honest, it is just disorganisation! This applies to everything except my crochet, where I’m really on the ball for some reason. Not through with my current project, I am already getting ready for the next one and already have the yarn on it’s way!

Sherbert blanket, and my colour palette

I’m going to be making the “Sherbert Blanket” from the most recent issue of Simply Crochet (UK) magazine! I originally saw some patterns on Ravelry that had been taken from this magazine and instantly fell in love – this was one of them. So I purchased myself a copy (which came with a lovely free pattern book as well) and drooled over some of the beautiful things included in the pages. This particular blanket really caught my eye though, and I have decided that I’m going to make it for Dave.

I’ve been promising him a blanket for ages, and finally found one that he really liked. Despite it being designed as a baby blanket, I am going to increase the size and change the colours (his chosen palette alongside the image, for reference). I’m still going to use the recommended yarn, which is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino; an acrylic/wool/cashmere blend, which I’m hoping will be nice and soft, considering it’s designed for babies! It looks like it’ll be a nice quick project, which is good too!

Alas, before I start something new, I need to finish my current project, which is coming on really nicely. I’m trying not to share too many images (although there have been a couple on Facebook) because it’s a gift, but it’s going really well, and the Chroma gradient yarn is to die for. I’m aiming to try and get the basis of it finished by the end of the weekend, and then just have to embellish it, which won’t take long. Fingers crossed, and wish me luck!

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