Bedside Cabinet #1

Yesterday I finished my first bedside cabinet! After whitewashing the whole thing a few weekends back, I got the chance to sand it down, smooth it out and put a coat of finishing wax on over the top, and I am really pleased with the result!

The cabinet was originally a silk cream colour, which has actually shown through the sanding and adds a really warm touch. I painted over it completely with Rust Oleum Duck Egg, rough strokes of Dusky Pink and then the Chalk White (two coats) on top. Loving it!

Sanding took quite a while, and it’s hard to know when to stop. I think I did just the right amount though – distressed without going mad. I tried to bring all of the colours through as well, and it looks as I intended. I just wanted a hint of the pink coming through! The cream was an added bonus.

This is my favourite bit of the whole cabinet. I love that I have sanded down to the wood, and have all of the colours showing. It took ages to perfect! I kept doing a little bit and then going back, but I’m glad I stopped when I did. I think it looks pretty!

By the end of my sanding session I had white hair and paint coming out of my nose – all good fun! The garage is covered in dust but I’ll clean that up after I’ve attacked cabinet #2 and the bed frame! No point at the moment.

Just need to get some handles for the drawers to finish this set completely. The old handles are nice but won’t fit in with the distressed style, so I want to get something different. No rush though!

Overall I’m pleased with my first attempt at upcycling! It looks how I intended it to, so that’s always an added bonus. I think I’ll only do one coat of white on the next cabinet – I sanded so much off of this one that it seems pointless to add a coat that I’m just going to take off when it’s dry. Learning as I go!

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