Square and Triangle

I have finished my two centre squares!

They’re so cute! You can’t really see in this picture, but there are three little popcorn stitch bobbles on each corner, which adds a bit of texture.

I’ve also finished my first edge triangle. These were a bit more fiddly – I found the main colour row after the light pink a bit of a struggle, but winged it and it looks right so I’m just gonna roll with it! I have decided to make the other 5 triangles in a batch, colour by colour, to try and save some time/sanity. They’re currently complete up the to turquoise row, so they should come together quite quickly now – I’ll see what I can manage this evening, after work.

It’s starting to look like I may have this project done in the next couple of weeks though, which is exciting! Just means I need to crack on and get the bed painted and finished, so it’s ready for it’s lovely new blanket! My project after this are a set of teddies for a colleague. I already have the yarn, so I can start those straight away!

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