Blankets Galore!

Hi everyone! How are you all?

I have have a busy month, crocheting like a lunatic! Those who follow my Instagram and Facebook accounts will have seen that I’ve been going on a baby blanket binge to start the New Year off. I have lots of colleagues at work that are becoming Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles at the moment, as well as friends having babies too, to it’s been a bit chaotic trying to get things made for people. I wanted to share the three that I have finished this month though.

My first finished blanket was a Spin Your Granny Square, which I made up in Sirdar Hayfield Spirit yarn. I’m so happy with how this one came out, and the colours work really well. I like the fact that it isn’t a perfect gradient/ombre, due to the way the yarn is dyed, but it still flows really nicely. I really enjoyed making this one – it now lives with Baby Shiloh!

Next up was this one, using the Every Day Baby Blanket pattern. I’ve used this pattern previously when I made my Blocky Blanket so I knew it worked up well. I really like the texture of the stitches and got lots of compliments while I was making it on my lunch breaks. The yarn I opted for is Bernat Softee Baby Stripes. This blanket has gone to live with Baby Harvey!

Last but certainly not least, another Confetti Waves Blanket. This is one of my absolute favourite baby blanket patterns – I just love how you can mix and match colours, and each one looks so different. I was given the colourway of “pink” for this one, but decided to break it up a little with some plum and mint. I think it works nicely and adds something slightly different to it. This blanket now lives with Baby Isabella!

I’ve had loads of fun making these over the last month, and still have more to make. I’ve got a couple of friends expecting babies at the moment, so those are my next challenge, and then eventually (after all these babies are born!) I need to finally finish my Sophie blanket…which is waaaaay overdue now…whoops. Before anything else though, I am making a little something to use in an Instagram/Facebook giveaway this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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