I’m really enjoying making little projects at the moment (it’s been a while since I’ve felt like this!) and brooches/pins in particular are creating a lot of joy! I started with a couple as quick and easy to take to work projects and now I am getting a little bit obsessed!

The rainbow above is designed by notyournanas and can be found here on Ravelry. I’ve made several of these in different styles (I’m going to take lots of photos tomorrow in preparation for the event next weekend) and it works so nicely each time. I’ve got plain ones and have added beads to others. It’s such a cute pattern!

Another couple that I have finished this week are my toucan brooch (pattern here) and strawberry (pattern here).

The strawberry is by Fibre Flux – I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first but it’s been really well received on Instagram, as well as comments from colleagues at work, so I have made a few in different colours to see how they are enjoyed. It’s a really quick make, much like the watermelon slice I shared recently, and can again be customised to whatever suits you – the pattern suggests French knots for the seeds, but I decided to go with beads instead. Time consuming but pretty.

Mr Toucan comes from Crochet Toys Basket. I fell in love the second I saw it on Etsy, and although it is a lot more time consuming than the fruity brooches I’ve made recently, I think the extra time and effort pays off. I only have one of these at the moment and am not sure if I’ll have time to make any more for next weekend, but I’m not ruling it out.

So tomorrow I am going to try and have a proper inventory of what I have and establish prices, prep, and get sorted. I think I’m pretty good to go. A few more things to finish off (still not finished my second Jackfield because I got distracted by brooches!) but I think I have enough items to fill my table nicely. I bought a super cute little jewellery display stand earlier in the week, with a padded side to mount brooches on, so that will add a bit of height to my table. I think it’ll look nice. Just hoping the weather is good on the day now! It’s been so hit and miss in the UK recently and we are all getting a bit sick of the rain (even me!). Anyway, bed time for now…I will check on tomorrow or Sunday with lots of pictures of all my lovely makes.

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