Hello from my new home! As you can see, a few changes have been made – I have moved from Blogspot (which has been a lovely home for many years) to WordPress, and also morphed into crochetshaz.co.uk! It’s all super exciting! I will be re-directing my old blog to this new one, but don’t worry; all of my previous posts can be find above under the Archive tab. As you’ll also have noticed, I have a funky little Instagram feed over to the right, as well as some Facebook updates too, so you can now see most of my content in one place. Hoorah! Massive thanks to my amazing and super clever husband for setting everything up for me! I love you lots xx

I have been crocheting like a maniac over the last few months. Since finishing my elephant, I have started my own Sophie’s Universe (which is going swimmingly!) and also finished a couple of baby blankets. I’ve made plans for other projects I want to try and make this year and am trying to get as organised as possible!

Thanks for bearing with me while I get everything set up. I’m still not fully sorted but I wanted to post and say hi to everyone and let you know that I’m still active, but have had a brief hiatus.

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