You Got Mail!

Yesterday I finally posted my Fibreshare parcel! Like before, despite trying to be really organised and getting everything bought in good time, I failed spectacularly at actually getting a box and posting it. I had all of the gifts wrapped and ready to go, but for some reason the act of putting it in a box and writing an address on it seems to stump me every time! Anyway, it is now winging it’s way on up to the lovely Phyllis in Glasgow!

I’ve put lots of effort into this one. Both of my partners this time (Vanessa and Phyllis) have been really wonderful to speak to, and I get on with them really well. Definitely two ladies I really want to stay in touch with…especially as we had an accidental 3-way swap going on (I sent to Phyllis, she sent to Vanessa, and Vanessa sent to me!). I loved my parcel, so I really hope that the bits I’ve chosen for Phyllis will be enjoyed. I actually forgot to take photos of all the individual items, but I’m sure she will take some once it gets to her!

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating one. We had our kitchen extended at the end of last year and it finished at the start of December – last month our brand new dishwasher decided to break. It’s been a total pain in the backside trying to get it sorted. You would think that when you buy a brand new dishwasher from a well known company that they would instantly replace it if it broke after a month and a half. However, they wanted an engineer to try and fix it first – engineer came out twice, and then we finally got the company to say they would replace the original unit. That arrived yesterday. Hubby went to plumb it in and we found that the plumber who did the work on our extension hadn’t properly fixed a pipe in…cue water spraying everywhere. Needless to say, it was a complete pain. We had no water yesterday afternoon until our friend could come over to help, and it’s all because someone couldn’t do their original job properly. Anyway, we are now plumbed back in…washing machine is finally on, dishwasher now actually works, and I can enjoy some housework (I use the term “enjoy” very loosely of course). I’m also intending to bake a cake today, so will hopefully get time to do that, as well as squeezing in some crochet. To be honest though, I did do a lot of that yesterday afternoon – currently up to 42 circles for my Swirly Pop Blanket.

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday, full of lovely things! x

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