Mini Rainbow Purses

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on this side of things lately – I have still been on Facebook and Insta, but just haven’t really had enough time to post here properly. Since my last post it has been my birthday and this year I turned 30! I had a really nice day (considering I was at work) and everyone was so lovely. That was followed by a gorgeous steak dinner at our local steakhouse (thank you hubby ๐Ÿ’•). So what have I been up to on the crochet front? These beautiful little rainbowy bags!

The pattern is by one of my favourite crochet designers: VendulkaM. I have always adored her patterns, and a few of the bits I made at Christmas (remember my owls and stockings) were her patterns.

This particular one is her Rainbow Purse pattern and it is so easy to make! It’s really pretty and effective too, and there are so many colour possibilities! So far I have made three but only photographed the one above, but my other two are rainbow (like her one in the pattern) and a blue and pink one. Currently on the hook is another which is yellow, blue and pink. They are so quick to make too, which is an added bonus! I did buy another of her purse patterns at the same time, but at the moment I am having enough fun with this one!

I’ve worked all of them in Drops Paris yarn, in various colours. It’s a lush yarn to work with, and my initial stash came from my last Fibreshare partner. Needless to say, I expanded the stash of that one pretty quickly (how does yarn always accidentally end up in my shopping basket???). I’m loving it for these bags though – not only are the colours really rich, but it’s also quite a sturdy feeling cotton yarn so it holds it’s shape nicely.

Anyway, I will try and photograph my other finished ones tomorrow morning before work (if the weather is ok).

Also, today I made some delicious chocolate brownie cookies!

Not gonna lie, they are absolutely off the charts delicious! Funnily enough, my husband loved them! You can find the recipe here!

Time for bed now. I will try my best to get some proper photos and a decent run down of everything I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks as soon as I can. I’ve got lots of lovely crocheted bits and bobs, as well as a tonne of baking (I am finally starting to get the hang of it!). Sweet dreams everyone xx

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