Stitching Madness!

My goodness! It’s been a busy couple of weeks with work and also at home – I’ve managed to cram in loads of crochet but haven’t given myself the time to actually share much of it with you all! I’ve already slapped my wrists!

I was doing a little photo editing this afternoon and thought I would take 5mins (what is this concept of a spare 5mins??) to share some mermaids with you all!

I’ve made these little ladies over the course of the last week and absolutely love them! I had made one previously (the pattern is by Ilaria Caliri and came with Simply Crochet magazine last year as a free gift) for my colleague Beatriz and thought they would work well at the Summer Fayre I am attending in June. They’re super quick to make and each one has her own little personality as well, which is cute.

I’m stopping at those six for now and making something else to mix things up a bit (I can feel myself starting to get distracted) but will hopefully do a couple more before the day.

On top of those I have also made 3 more fox headbands this week, which I just need to glue the ends down on (and embellish a couple with some flowers to give them a bit of variety) and a really pretty bag using another VendulkaM pattern, which I will share with you all in a separate post later.

Over and out for now – my hubby has just lit the BBQ so I’m going to go outside to the garden and chill with him for a couple of hours before coming back inside to my pile of yarn.

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