Life Changing Events

Every time I write a post, I tell myself that I need to do it more often. It’s been on my to-do list for months and I never quite get enough time or motivation to do it!

If you saw my last post, back in November (oops), you’ll know that Dave and I were expecting our first little one to arrive. She made her appearance 2 weeks late, but on the 1st December we finally got to say hello to Eleanor! She has completely changed our lives, but in the best way possible, of course.

I spent the next few months not sleeping much – she is so perfect but her sleep patterns have been absolutely horrendous. I also didn’t get to crochet much, because any free time I did get, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t concentrate. It’s only been in the last month or two that I’ve been able to really crack on with things and get back into it again!

I reopened my shop at the start of May, having closed it at the end of November, so that felt good. I’ve added some new stock and had a few sales, so it’s slow and steady but I don’t mind at the moment – there is so much else going on!

At the moment, I am working through the last of my requests. I have a baby blanket to finish, which I started yesterday, and then one more set of Christmas elves and I will be up to date (for the time being – there are some requests sat waiting for later in the year). I’ve signed up to do a Christmas market in December, COVID permitting (who would have thought that such a thing could happen?!) so I’m excited to get out in public again and make things for that. At the speed I am currently getting things done though, I will have to start making for that soon!

Anyway, I thought I would kick things off by sharing some of the projects I have finished since having Eleanor, so vow once again to update here more!

As you can see, there has been a nice variety! I have a selection of Rainbow Wall Hangings in my shop (pattern by Haley Handcrafted), as well as some cacti (my own pattern). The hydrangea bulb came from a free pattern by Craftsy Amore, the bag is a pattern by the amazing VendulkaM, elves are from Moji Moji Design, and finally the blanket is the Bertie Blanket pattern by Little Doolally! I think that covers everything and everyone!

Currently on the hook is a Modern Bobble Rainbow Blanket, pattern by Melu Crochet, which is coming along really nicely! I can’t wait to share it with you all once I get a bit more done!

Anyway, over and out from me. Going to try and get in a couple more rows on my blanket before another early night. I hope you’re all doing well in these bizarre times and that you’ll eventually forgive me for disappearing…again…

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